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In the photographs of Margarita Myrogianni, I see constant change. The images are provided by the bare essentials for their completion. Each composition of objects is the coexistence and battle of opposing forces in uninterrupted succession: ephemeral and everlasting, soft and hard, whole and cut. Contradictory raw materials coexist in combinations that become self-evident, as each new synthesis starts telling a story. The string unravels slowly, obeying the patience of the ice. Heavy irons lift the fragile glass offering the surface as an altar. The stool lies injured against the surgical metallicity of the background.

However, no association is peaceful; Emotionless frost runs through the vivid colours of the photographs. Yet we know, from the archetypes and myths in our experience, that the spring will melt the ice and ice, in turn, will extinguish life again, in the perpetual cycle.

George Kyparissiadis